June 7, 2015


“Named after an Edgar Allan Poe poem about a musical angel “whose heart-strings are a lute”, Israfel was an exquisitely scored, seething mass of material, with a real flow from idea to idea” – Telegraph

Telegraph review 

“The programme opened with a new work by 26-year-old Mark Simpson, whose programme note explains that in Israfel, inspired by an Edgar Allan Poe lyric poem, he “wanted to write a piece that sang, floated, morphed, moved, moved us, lifted us, had power, had fragility”. The list goes on, covering most bases. The resulting 12-minute score wastes no time unleashing a big, shiny sound with hectic strings, clangy percussion and easy-on-the-ear harmonies blasted out by basses and brass. Actually, there’s something refreshing about Simpson’s honesty. This music isn’t shy; it doesn’t play hard to get. It isn’t trying to be anything but itself, and its blithe, uninhibited energy pays honour to Poe’s “Israfel, who despisest / An unimpassioned song.” – Guardian

Guardian Review

The Scotsman

Simon cummings review

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